10 reasons why having your house tidy improves your life

The order and cleanliness go hand in hand, as well as cleanliness and health, this is why the importance of keeping your home tidy. If we have our home messy with things on the floor, clothes everywhere, we take out things that we do not keep, etc., it will also begin to accumulate dust and dirt. But if, on the contrary, we keep things in place and everything in order, we can calmly clean our home.

A clean and tidy home means that there is no room for germs and bacteria, mold, dust, fungi, etc., which will allow us to be in good health and wellbeing at home, will give us positive energy and a healthy mind and body. Of course, we are not recommending you to be extremist in cleaning but to worry about always keeping your home tidy and clean. Do you want to know all the positive things that it will bring you to do? Lets go see it!

1. Improve your health

The dust along with the humidity, bring with it many germs and bacteria that can affect our health in a silent way, and even with the passing of time we can only notice the effects. But then, what to do? Try to keep your house always free of dust and bacteria with simple daily cleaning but deep between 1 or 2 times a week. Also, find out how you can reduce the humidity in your home: with dehumidifiers, plants, etc.

2. Increase your creativity

By wanting to be organized and take better advantage of spaces to store things and use furniture in a functional way, our creativity will increase. In addition, the more disordered our environments, the less power of concentration we will have and will be less productive. So, open your mind and start to analyze what furniture and spaces you could use even more if they also serve as storage.

3. Decrease anxiety

If we are in an environment in which we do not feel comfortable or comfortable for being messy and dirty, our anxiety will increase. But if, on the contrary, a clean and orderly environment decreases our anxiety, then it is time to put hands to work and create harmonious and peaceful environments that contribute to our inner peace.

4. Lower your stress level

The stress inside the house we feel when we see the house messy, we have many pending and if we add to that the work stress, it can be too much. Let’s try to keep the house always tidy, keep everything we use and wash everything we soiled, so that we can resist until the weekend with the house clean and tidy and with more time to do the deep cleaning. You can also make a schedule of work at home: and define what day to wash clothes, another day to rest, another to clean the kitchen and so on.

5. Keeps you active

Domestic chores will not take our body out of the gym, but it contributes to our not having a sedentary life as it requires movement and activity. Especially if you do not do any kind of sport or activity, when performing household tasks you will move the most important muscles and joints, being of vital importance especially for people over 40 years.

6. Help you not get sick frequently

Breathing and sleeping inside a home with bacteria and germs weakens us as our body is in the constant struggle to keep us healthy. If we get to the point of weakening, we are more exposed to getting sick in the street or office if there is someone sick. What to do? Our experts recommend us detect dirty areas and disinfect them to recover a favorable environment for your health.

7. Allows you to receive visits at your pleasure

With a messy and dirty house, it is embarrassing to receive guests, while if your house is kept clean and tidy with great pleasure and pride you will receive your guests and you will be able to hold meetings at home whenever you want.

8. Improve your rest nights

You can keep good nights of rest and get up fresh and energized if you breathe pure and clean air throughout the night, making you more productive and with power of concentration.

9. Increase your productivity

Working in clean and orderly environments increases our productivity because if, on the other hand, we work in a dirty or messy environment, it tends to distract us and concentrate more on other things like ordering it. For this reason, organize your desk and decorate it with colors that focus on what you do, such as the orange color that transmits energy.

10. Raise your levels of happiness

Returning work and seeing your house messy will annoy you or stress you. But if on the contrary you arrive at a clean and tidy house it will make you feel very good, and if you also have a decoration with cheerful colors your happiness will rise even more.

Source: www.homify.pe