The importance of cleanliness in the work environment

If we talk about safety and health at work we must point out that maintaining a clean work environment is paramount.

Any intelligent entrepreneur with a minimum of knowledge knows that cleanliness in the company is a factor of great relevance, much more than is usually recognized. Having a hygiene plan and keeping the workplace clean and healthy is a key factor in the success of any company.

To begin, it affects:

  • The health (physical and mental) of the workers: of course. A healthy environment reduces the risks of infections and diseases. Therefore, hygiene is the most effective tool for the prevention of diseases.
  • Productivity: a clean environment is essential for the well-being of employees, and favors a good work environment. When employees are not offered a healthy workplace, their commitment suffers, and this ends up affecting the performance and productivity of the company.
  • The sale and acquisition of potential customers: everything said above applies perfectly to customers and potential customers. Today, the corporate image is fundamental, and a clean and modern workspace is synonymous with professionalism and success. If a customer (or potential customer) comes to our offices and finds a dirty and neglected place, he may think twice if he really wants to work with us.

Those responsible for the organizations must face this fact and develop a strategy that allows them to keep the work space clean, healthy and pleasant for workers. Few of them will be willing to stay in a job that offers them a dirty, smelly and charged environment. It is your own health that is at stake, and also that of your family. In addition to this, emotionally it also produces some regret and unease to develop your professional career in such places.

What main aspects should be taken into account in the cleaning of companies?

One of the most important aspects in cleaning companies is to set a periodicity. Now, for this there are many factors to take into account; factors such as the size of the facilities, the number of employees, the nature of the business, etc. For example: a marketing company is not the same as a mechanical workshop.

It is also necessary to create a routine of the work itself, a methodology. Thus, we will save ourselves problems that may come from improvisation. For the cleaning of workplaces, we propose:

  • Ventilate the stay.
  • Collect waste.
  • Clean the dust.
  • Clean all surfaces.
  • Disinfect.
  • Vacuum carpets.
  • Clean windows.

To take care of the health and safety of the workers, and to promote productivity and attract new customers, hygiene and cleanliness in work environments is essential.